All-weather sports field

Playing soccer, hockey, basketball & volleyball. It is all possible on our all-weather sports field. You do not have to take the weather into account, you can always enjoy sports! The blue walls of the sports field with artificial grass ensure that the ball stays within the game. During the school holidays, the recreation team organizes various sports activities on the sports field. Are you a winner?

Play soccer
Come and play football together on the all-weather sports field. Because there are two football balls present you can play in two teams or use one goal together to shoot. All you have to do is bring a ball and show what you have at home. Maybe you are the new Cruijff!

Play hockey
You can use the two goals for hockey, there are also lines on the field for a clear game distribution. Take your sticks and a ball with you and make it an exciting competition!

Play basketball
Two basketball boards are available for basketball. This allows you to hold a basketball game with each other, but also use one of the boards to shoot. So grab your ball and maybe you can hit the winning shot and help your team or yourself to victory.

Volleyball is also possible on the all-weather sports field. Divide into two teams and see who is the best. So grab your ball and set up a nice attack with your team, making everyone cheer when you drag in the points.

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