Switch between activities

Can’t you choose between the many fun activities or are you not sure which of the activities you like you have to pick? Then you might just like to switch between activities. For example switch between the family bicycle and the touring boat. During this you will make a fun ride on the family bicycle and halfway through you will switch and take a breathtaking tour on a boat. How will this work?

  • One time switching between activities means double the fun.
  • You pick two activities and switch halfway through.
  • There are multiple different activities possible.
  • Relaxing and active or maybe 2 times active or 2 times relaxing.
  • Ideal for large groups.

One group takes a bicycle ride, the other relaxes

One part of the group will start at party centre Mölke by family bicycle and goes to the Pelmolen in Rijssen. Through the hamlets of Zuna and Notter you will make the fun tour, it’s almost certain that you will be looked at by others. While the group on the family bicycle heads for the Pelmolen will the other part of the group relax during a peaceful sailing tour on the Regge. During this tour there is an option to enjoy food and drinks on the boat.

And now you switch…

When the Pelmolen is reached you will switch from activity. The group that might be a little exhausted from the family bicycle gets to enjoy the tour on the boat now and will sail back in peace. The other group that got to relax on the boat will now take the family bicycle back to the party centre. Both groups will take the same route as the other group has done but then the other way around. Finally, when everyone has gotten back to the party centre will your programme continue!

Would you rather do 2 different activities?

Would you like to switch between activities but with different activities? This is possible! There are many different activities to add together for a fun day. What are you thinking of the options below for example?

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