Mölke activities is near the river the Regge. The best way to discover the Regge and the beautiful nature surrounding it, is of course by canoe. You can sail over the river by 1- or 2-persons kayak or 3-persons Canadian canoes. This way you will make a memorable trip through the area. Along the way will you be able to see different villages and settlements like Rijssen with their mill. When you turn back to Mölke you will sail on the same river but it will still surprise you on how different the Regge will look. The area is very diverse and you will see something else everytime you look around. On top of that is canoeing the ideal way for small and large groups to have a fun and active day out.



  • 1 person kayak: €6,00 per hour
  • 2 persons kayak: €8,00 per hour
  • 3 persons canoe: €11,00 per hour

Only for the real though people! 12 kilometers upstream canoeing from Hulsen to Zuna. The participants will be brought from Mölke to Hulsen. The canoeing time is around 4 hours. This tour is only possible on appointment.

  • Canoe 3-persons €15,00 per person
  • Kayak 1 or 2 persons €17,50 per person
Visit hours

The season is from 1 April to 1 November. Canoeing is possible daily from 9:30 AM to 5 PM. We recommend booking in advance by telephone.

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