Discover the surroundings of Holidaypark Mölke. You will be amazed by the beautiful scenery, unique museums , but also the themeparks , swimming pools and charming villages and towns in the area. The park is situated in the triangle between Rijssen, Nijverdal and Wierden. This area is also called ‘The Reggesreek’. The wonderful river the ‘Regge’ separates this area into two unique regions, called ‘Twente’ and ‘Salland’. Holidaypark Mölke is located directly along the Regge, so it lies exactly on the separation of these two beautiful regions, which you can both discover!

Discover the Reggestreek

The Reggestreek is beautiful, a piece of paradise on earth! The area is diverse and varies, with its forests, moorlands and beautiful meadows. National Park the ‘Sallandse Heuvelrug’ is the most beautiful example of this. In the Reggestreek there’s much peace and nature to find, but there is also plenty to do for an active holiday. By bike or by making a lovely walk for example. There are also many fun local activities to do, such as Farmer Golf, a tour with a horse-drawn wagon, horse riding, picking your own strawberries, canoeing and fishing. Each town or village also has its own fun activities and traditions. For example, consider the Fabric Market in Rijssen, the Klompenmuseum in Enter or the various historical museums in all the different charming villages.

Holiday in Twente

Twente is more like a dream. You will find peace and quiet and you will feel right at home. because the inhabitants are very hospitable. Twente is very ‘green’ and is also known for its authentic cultural heritage.

Cycling and walking in Twente
Explore beautiful and hospitable Twente on foot or by bike. Hundreds of kilometers of cycling and hiking trails can be found in Twente. You can choose for yourself where you would like to go, thanks to the so-called ‘Junctions’. To make the trails even clearer , we have cycling and hiking maps available at our park. There are also plotted routes throughout Twente, beautiful trails which take you around the sights.

Enjoy Salland

Between the river the ‘IJssel’ and National Park the ‘Sallandse Heuvelrug’ lies Salland. Salland is a region with charming villages and the old Hanseatic city of Deventer. A region with monumental farms, stately homes, castles and romantic restored mills. In Salland, you can find a variety of nature: large meadows, a beautiful rural landscape, forested hills, beautiful natural reserves and flowering heaths. At the ‘Sallandse Heuvelrug’, also the ‘Noetselerberg’ and the ‘Holterberg’ can be found. Here, you can enjoy wonderful hiking and cycling trails. Salland has a lot to offer and is filled with activities. You won’t find large-scale mass tourism here, but you will definitely find a richly varied range of small-scale activities.

Tours & Attractions

In the environment of Mölke is the most beautiful nature there can be found, but there are also spectacular activities to do. Even with bad weather. Below you will find some suggestions, but this is just a small selection from the wide range of possibilities.


Themeparks for younger children and adults.


Go to the zoo and discover all types of animals.


Discover the local culture.

Out with the family

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