Triathlon Holten

Do you like sports? Would you like to come and cheer on the competitors?

Every year the centre of the village Holten forms the stage for the national and international triathlon competition. A large event with competitors from all over the world. The triathlon excists out of swimming in open water, riding the bicycle on the Holterberg and running through the centre of Holten.

This event brings a pleasant atmosphere along with it. During the event there will be (live)music, food and drinks stands and the terraces will be nicely filled with people that enjoy the event.

In the evening there is the competition for local triathlon competitors, during this local competition the competitors run 1/8th of the triathlon and this part is split up in men and women.

Would you like the stay the night somewhere near? Holiday park Mölke is nearby and has to possibilities to go camping or to stay in a accommodation.


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